• In 2020, Kombatsiaris Bros SA – Amalthia created the standard Collaborative Innovation Formation (Cluster) which is named CirOWa Cluster – (Circle Of Waste Cluster), in which companies are actived in the fields of waste management and processing that are originated from food production processes.

The creation and operation of the cluster is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and by national resources within the framework of the EPANEK 2014-2020.

The aim of the cluster is to strengthen the cooperation between companies for the systems development that will create value in the waste chain, on the one hand through the reduction of their management and processing costs and on the other hand through the application of circular economy practices (e.g. production of by-products and value-added by-products such as organic fertilizers and biofuels).

              1. Goals

The CirOWa Cluster aims to coordinate companies for the development of tools and practices that will include, for example, the following:

  1. Monitoring and assurance processes that generate waste so that all operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.
  2. Development of an integrated waste categorization / characterization system based on European Directives. In particular, the tools and practices will focus on the control and minimization of the environmental impact of waste through the development of innovative management programs, related to the recycling of materials (by-products) and the reduction of waste, (e.g. frying oil, aluminum paper, plastic, toner, batteries, lamps, etc.).
  3. B2B electronic platform for waste management that will support the notification of waste quantities to be disposed of, the closing of waste disposal agreements, the waste path tracking up to its possible recycling, its transport monitoring in real time and the monitoring performance indicators of waste management processes at the level of a unit of waste produced.
  4. Development of Internet of Things applications for the automatic monitoring of the evolution of waste volumes and their transport process with the aim of better planning of their collection and processing. Applications will connect to the B2B platform using APIs.
  5. MRP II System for more efficient management and processing of the produced by-products.
  6. Development of a methodology for evaluating the management process of circular economy practices using the SCOR model (circular SCOR)



Until today, 20 companies participate in the CirOWa Cluster with a wide range of activities such as: Food production and processing units, organic waste processing units, recycling and waste management units, waste treatment technology providers, IT and communication technology providers, technical consultants.

The following two research laboratories of University of West Attica are also members of the CirOWa Cluster as research institutions:

  • Digital Transformation & Decision Support Systems Lab in Business & Education – DigiT.DSS.Lab
  • Laboratory of Geoenvironmental Science & Environmental Quality Assurance – E.G.E.P.P.
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