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Kobatsiaris Bros S.A

Kobatsiaris Bros set up in 1969 and its main aim is to be active in contract food services, restaurants, ready to eat meals and catering services in more than thirty cities in Greece.
Company’s experience, knowledge and the organization, ensure to be leader in the Greek catering industry. The human resources who is chosen carefully, produce daily high quality meals in a accordance with current food safety legislation which applies EFET instructions and HACCP principles.

The frozen ready to eat meals «Special GReatings» are awarded by ITI national organization in Brussels and in addition by Greek Taste Beyond Borders in Greece, for their excellent quality and superior taste.
The President of the Board is particularly sensitive and emphasises on the safety, health and also in welfare of its staff as well as to protect the environment. For these reasons the company’s policy is to reduce the consumption of natural energy sources such as reducing paper or toner and waste management.


E. Koutsouraki and Co. LP

Contact Person:
Helen Koutsouraki

Knowledge Brokers takes place in offering services in, designing, support and completing of systems Internet of Things and logistic program with intensive use of approaching business intelligence, which focuses on the power which can offer to the maintenance but mostly the increase of the competitiveness of each business. The company offers complete solutions adapted to the need of each business with technological and support decisions systems.

As a member of Cirowa cluster, it will focus on offering services which deals with the following:
• Analysis, design, development and installation IT systems which support reverse supply chain management
• Analysis, design, development and installation IOT systems
• Analysis, design, development of quality systems implementation

Knowledge Brokers was found in 2010 by experienced professionals and has got a team of people who has experience and expertise with the aim of total support and satisfaction of its customers’ needs.

Workforce Health & Safety Prevention

Contact Person:
Kyriakos Koklonis

Biosafety S.A. founded in 2001 has been one of the top Greek providers active in the field of Occupational Health & Safety, Quality and Environment operating with the license of External Health & Safety Consultant by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Within its 20 years of experience the company implements principles, protocols, methods and tools following all scientific prerequisites, legal documentation and best practices both in Greece and internationally.

As a member of CiroWa cluster, Biosafety will contribute to the development of an Integrated Management System of By-Products and Waste, a complete & effective management methodology that can be implemented in all stages of the food supply chain, in combination with the latest information and communication technologies. Indicatively, the services provided will concern the following areas:

• Development of by-products’ specifications and quality optimization.
• Codification of waste requirements, checking and measurements of attributes of waste generated.
• Development of procedures, workflows and checklists, integrated into relative electronic application.
• Inclusion of the above services in an Integrated Management System of By-Products and Waste which will be audited and certified by an Accredited Body.

Telecommunication and Consulting Services SA

Contact Person:

Vasilis Tsetsos

MOBICS is a spin-off company of University of Athens (Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications). It was founded in 2006 and is based in Athens, Greece. It is an R&D intensive SME that designs and implements solutions in a wide range of ICT applications: enterprise business solutions, sensor-driven services for smart infrastructures, education and training, culture and tourism, crisis management, etc.

It mainly works with state-of-the-art (and usually open) technology such as Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, online games, algorithms and data analysis, Web and mobile applications, etc.
Its core team brings together software engineers and researchers with long experience in designing, implementing and evaluating novel ICT solutions. It collaborates closely with many Greek university teams so that it can provide multi-disciplinary solutions to client’s problems.
Mobics is actively participating in European or national collaborative ICT projects, such as the present cluster.

Advisory Services ΙΚΕ

Contact Person:

Valisis Zeimpekis

OPTILOG Advisory Services provides value-added consulting services in the supply chain sector. Our experience in the whole range of operations of a supply chain, as well as the optimization methods and tools we use to deal with complex problems, are the main reasons for the successful completion of challenging logistics projects in Greece and abroad. The OPTILOG Advisory Services team is strong in the implementation and achievement of results that last over time. This is the main advantage for our customers. Our goal is to understand customers’ problems, develop dynamic teams, and provide innovative solutions.

As a member of the CiroWa cluster, OPTILOG Advisory Services will focus on providing services related to the following areas:
• Analysis, design, and development of processes that support reverse logistics operations.
• Design of pilot tests (demonstrators) and evaluation of IoT applications (Internet of Things)
• Design of pilot tests (demonstrators) and evaluation of monitoring and quality information systems
• Analysis and evaluation of results from the pilot applications

OPTILOG Advisory Services was founded in 2014 by experienced professionals and is staffed by a group of engineers with significant experience and know-how, that fully support and meet the needs of its customers.

Epirus Energy Ltd.

Contact Person:

Polixeni Dimoka

BIOENERCON LTD was founded in 2010 and is dealt with in the field of the renewable sources. It has been active in the field of industrial automation, industrial production lines and at the construction sector of over 15 years. In recent years, Bioenercon has been involved in the management of agricultural waste (storage, treatment and anaerobic digestion of livestock, poulty, oil and cooking oil waste . It has been developed a biogas pilot station with the capacity of 50 KW in Mandra of Xanthi (national ESPA project) and constructed a biogas station with capacity of 250KW. In its activities also including the pre- processing of the digested residue (removal of ammonia and organic matter) for the production and standardization of high value organic fertilizers. The company is staffed by the team of experienced engineers (Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Engineers) and a team of experienced technical staff mainly in the field of construction. sector.

As a member of CiroWa cluster it will be focused on providing services related to the following areas:
• The development of an integrated and configurable system which will include the collection, transport and storage of an appropriate organic waste for their management in the treatment plant.

Consultants of Planning & Development Organization Ltd.

Contact Person:

Tziakas Vasilis

Ergoplanning is a consulting company, providing integrated techno-economical services to support agricultural and industrial enterprises, as well as public organizations (Local Authorities, Municipal Enterprises, Associations, etc.).
Celebrating 20 years of operations, Ergoplanning was established 2001, supporting its clients in their efforts to expand their business, by implementing National and European funding and financing programmes for enterprises and organizations, and supervising integrated investment plans.

Aiming at widening the range and improving the quality of services provided, the company has established subsidiaries and strong collaborations, enabling the provision of services that include analytical laboratory services, services in the energy sector, environmental and waste management.
Within this scope, the participation of Ergoplanning in the CiroWa Cluster mainly revolves around environmental and waste management.
In particular, Ergoplanning plans to acquire a specialized tank trunk, with advanced capabilities for the collection and transfer of waste generated in the agricultural and food production industry.

Ergoplanning consists of a group of skilled and fully specialized associates covering all sectors of the economy, such as Engineers, Agronomists, Environmentalists, Economists, Analysts, Public Relations experts. The specialized network of associates, their continuous briefing and training in new technologies and trends prevailing in the market, ensures Ergoplanning’s efficiency in covering relevant business needs.

Apart from the company headquarters (Karatasou Street 7, Thessaloniki), Ergoplanning maintains branches, in Lagadas (67 Loutron Street), in Chalastra (103 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street), in Giannitsa (74 Egnatia Street), as well as in Nigrita (in the premises of BIOENERGIA NIGRITA SA.)

Commercial Construction Company of Information Systems & Services SA

Contact Person:

Anifantakis Vasilis

ILYDA SA is a company that develops and supports integrated information systems.
Since its inception (1992), it has been developing innovative software technology, offering its customers comprehensive and scalable software solutions for the more effective utilization and integration of new information and communication technologies in their processes.
ILYDA continuous investment in research and development, which exceeds 25% of the company’s revenue over the last five years, ensures the quality and flexibility of its software and services as well as its technological superiority with regard to competition.
ILYDA is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange Market since 2004.

The Company is a certified partner of Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Lenovo.

ILYDA has established and applies the following Quality Management Systems ISO:
­ Development, Services & Support IT Systems
­ Environmental Management
­ Safety & Integrity IT Systems

Based on the decision of the General Staff of Defense ILYDA is authorized to handle classified NATO SECRET level issues.
With classification allows ILYDA to undertake software development and installation projects for Greek Army.

ILYDA is also registered in the official Register of Manufacturers of Defense Material that has been structured by the General Directorate of Defense Industries Research and Technology (GDAVET) of the Ministry of Defense.

For the time being more than 5.400 companies of the private and the public sector have trusted ILYDA’s products and services.
These include several Business, Industries and Service Providers with similar IT systems as those proposed for your company.

To fully satisfy our customers’ needs for the provision of innovative software and the provision of related services while offering reliable, modern and integrated software systems and high quality services.

Exploit the software products and our services to make our customers more efficient and competitive.

The core values for fulfilling our goal and mission are summarized below:
­ Innovative Software Products & High-Level Services
­ Collaboration, Human Relations, Trust
­ Professional Training
­ Flexibility



Contact Person:

Themistoklis Sfetsas

QLAB was founded in 2012 in the area of Ionia near Thessaloniki, by a group of experienced scientists to provide analytical and consulting services satisfying the demand of the market on analysis and quality control of food products, animal feeding stuff, agricultural products, water and wastewater. Q-lab offers scientifically documented advice about lubrication and irrigation for optimising crops in rural areas, across the spectrum of agriculture and especially in fields of Organic Farming and Integrated Crop Management.

Furthermore, Q-lab has the necessary background and technical ability in Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Analysis. It encompasses a complete range of solutions in the field of Environmental Quality control and Quality Management. It provides rigid data and practical, scientifically driven information to help agri-food and bio-energy industries meet their compliance requirements and daily challenges. Q-lab has specialised experience in determining quality horizons of water and wastewater, materials, chemicals, food products, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (AAQM), Stack Monitoring, and turnkey projects of Sewage Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment (operation and maintenance). Besides analytical services, Q-lab provides ISO consulting and validation support services to manufacture industries.

Q-lab facilities include both microbiological and physicochemical testing equipment. It employs 16 scientists, between them, 4 PhD candidates and eight master holders, while periodically accepts students for their practical training in the analysis sector. Q-lab aims to continually expand its expertise and continually update its research technology and methodology by pursuing new collaborations and continuing education and training.

E.SY.D. accredits Q-lab for the ISO 17025:2017 criteria with certificate number 909-3 since 2014. Since 2015, Q-lab has been certifying for the implementation of a Quality Management System for its services according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015, and it also holds certification for “verification of greenhouse gas emissions” according to the international standard ISO 14064-1: 2006 and Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015. Annually, Q-lab demonstrates a high level of testing capability by conducting inter-laboratory testing schemes such as SCHEMA, QMS, AQUACHECK, FAPAS and FEPAS.

For the past four years, Q-lab is in solid cooperation with biogas companies in applied industrial research for topics concerning the biogas sector. In this area, the two ongoing PhDs investigate new processes for disinfection and new materials for biogas refining and upgrade. In national level, Q-lab is the first private laboratory with the technical capability and suitability to provide integrated services of very high standards in Anaerobic Digestion systems. Its services focus on preparing and storing supply substrates and secondary raw materials and optimising the biology of digestion processes.

Q-lab, in cooperation with ERGOPLANNING and GAIA, performs annually numerous soil analysis tests. In some cases, Q-lab monitors the application of solid digestate from the biogas sector as a fertilising agent. Q-lab also performs characterisation for composts and biofertilisers originated from this digestate. Before land application, a fertilisation plan is generated according to the soil nutritional needs.


Technical Consultants Limited Liability Company

Contact Person:

Katerina Lamprou

Climate change impacts are becoming increasingly apparent, affecting human activities and jeopardizing the sustainability of societies. This decade is crucial to halve emissions by 2030 and limiting global warming below 2oC. Governments and businesses will play an important role in achieving these goals. In this context, they should be able to identify the risks they are facing and take action to improve their financial performance, increase their resilience and remain sustainable in a net zero economy

ENVIROMETRICS since 2002 specializes in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development, in Greece and abroad, by providing consulting services in the private and public sector. The continuous scientific and technical training of its multidisciplinary team, combined with the application of high-quality standards in the service provision, constitute the company’s competitive advantage.
Providing a wide range of consulting services, ENVIROMETRICS supports its clientele in the process of understanding the risks and opportunities arising from climate change as well as in managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their activities, always aiming to enhance their resilience, secure their sustainability and further economic growth towards net zero transition.

ENVIROMETRICS’ services in the field of sustainable development were designed in 4 pillars, (Energy – Supply Chain Decarbonization – Climate Risk Reduction – Circular Economy) aiming at supporting its clients to effectively address the upcoming challenges and accelerate an inclusive transition to a net zero future and ultimately offer a competitive edge. The adoption of the integrated transition strategy on the organizations’ business model, apart from improving their environmental performance, fully complies with the international ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance- Governance) criteria.

Argyri Kelidi Olive Mill SA

Contact Person:

Niki Kelidou

Kyklopas is a family owned and operated business that began its course several generations back. Argiris Kelidis has been immersed in the world of olives since being a toddler, side by side with his father and his mother. With this solid foundation and vast inherited knowledge, Argiris and his wife Niki Kelidoy went on to set up their own family mill in 1982. The Kyklopas olive mill is situated in Makri, Northern Greece, among one of the oldest olive groves in the Mediterranean, a stone’s throw away from the cave of Homer’s Cyclops (Kyklopas in Greek) and from the ancient road connecting European Turkey to Rome, Via Egnatia. As a result of their passion and love for what they do together with continuously keeping up to date with the latest developments, today the Kelidi family has 12.000 olive trees and 2.000 organically cultivated trees of the local Makri olive variety. They produce Kyklopas Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one of the most highly awarded Greek olive oils in the world.

The great advantage of the company is the fact that controls and checks are carried out by the company itself at all stages of the production process.

From the cultivation of the olive groves, and the pressing in their own mill to the bottling in the on-site facilities, ensures products of consistent and high quality.

Kyklopas S.A. maintains a sensitive attitude towards the natural environment, inspired by ecological consciousness. The company follows a phyto-environmental policy in both the cultivation and processing of the olives, and the company’s aim is for all the by-products of the olive oil production process to be eventually converted into a source of green energy.

Commercial Technical Company of Biofuels and Biofuels SA

Contact Person:

Pappas Georgios

REVIVE is a licensed industrial company whose main activity is the collection, processing and distribution of used cooking oil for industrial use.
The company was founded in 2006, is staffed by engineers and technicians specialized in the technology of biofuels and biofertilizers. It is equipped with all necessary means and has got a fleet of twelve trucks and tankers of various sizes for the needs of oil collection.
We are experts in the collection of used cooking oils:
Our company is active in the collection of used edible oils in a legal, safe and environmentally way for industrial use, such as the production of biofuels and biofertilizers.
Specifically, when the oils have been used enough that they are no longer suitable for frying, instead of following the process of waste, with environmental consequences to all of us, they are collected for energy and lubricating needs.

Hellenic Waste Management SA

Contact Person:


ELDIA S.A. was established in 1997 in the city of Thessaloniki and is currently an industry leader in waste management and recycling in Greece. Our activities cover the complete cycle of municipal, commercial and industrial solid waste management, such as:

Waste Collection: Open, closed and press containers Rental to industrial and commercial establishments for the collection of organic waste, recyclable and construction waste.
Sorting:Commercial and industrial waste:
Through the sorting process of waste deriving from these sources, we recover all paper, plastic, wood and glass packaging.
Municipal mixed recyclables:
In corporation with Hellenic Recovery and Recycling Corporation, this particular waste stream is being sorted at our Recycling Sorting Facility, where we recover the following materials:
• Cardboard paper, Mixed paper, Tetrapak, Aluminium, Metal cans, PET bottles, PP and PE containers, Glass, All color nylon (LDPE), HDPE

Baling and trading:
All the aforementioned materials are baled according to international standards and forwarded to recycling plants in Greece or abroad.

Tzilis G & Co. GP


Contact Person:

The Enal company,provide waste management services and recycling materials from companies, industries and citizens. We have 20 years experience and we can pick up, transfer, process and recycling non-hazardous waste. We could assist constructions sites, industries, stores, municipalities even and citizens who they want to get rid of their waste.
Firstly, we have bins in different sizes which could serve every clients and secondly our vehicles are unique for the transformations. In Our facilities, the waste are picked up by our experienced staff due to arise recycling materials such as paper, plastic, glass and metals.
Last but not least, our company complies with all the legal requirements arising from the legislation.

Pavlidis Pantelis


Contact Person:

The company set up in 1998 by two cooperates and its main aim is recycling fried oils the last twenty years. Until 2006 the company used to export their products and usually cooperated with biofuel production industries all over the world. Since 2007 have been cooperating mostly with Greek companies which take place in Greece. Their facilities are in Kaloxori -Thessaloniki and has got all the necessary certifications for the recycling.
Activities: with respect for the environment’s protection, we collect, transfer and restore the fried oils, from food industries, hotels, restaurants etc. We also provide to our clients free collections bins in various sizes depend on the need of each clients.
After all our experience, our main emphasis is to keep healthy relationships with our clients and we are grateful for their appreciation and trust.

Recytec By Fragkouli

Contact Person:

Gragkouli Despoina

Maria styliani fragkouli and despoina fragkouli partnership was established in 2015 having already through their predecessors a 50 year presence in the greek market.

The original predecessors were the late george fragkoulis and his wife maria
The company was founded in 1971 having as key object the refabrishment of used metallic and plastic barells and with an extensive capacity of refabrishing
In 1983 current developments led to the alternative of waste management of non- hazardous recyclable materials

The next generation of the family desided in the 2000’s to engage in other recyclable materials such as w.e.e.e.,catalytic convertors ,scrap plastic and used cooking oils

The last few years the company developed an excessive portfolio of uco¨s suppliers in the attica region and for the seventh consecutive year has been certified under the iscc certification standards regarding the sustainability of the collective uco”s and the followed procedures making this firm one of the most reliable suppliers of biodiesel refineries in the hellenic region

G. & V. Pothitos

Contact Person:

Pothitos Vasilis

The company G. & V. Pothitos, is active in the provision of drainage and cleaning services of sewers, blockage of wells and repairs of plumbing installations.
It also provides installation services, transportation of non – hazardous waste and wastewater collection and processing.
Finally, it is active in the collection of non – hazardous waste.
Our experience and knowledge in the field of “Waste Management” makes us one of largest companies in the field.

G. & V. Pothitos was founded in 2004 by experienced professionals with many years of experience and a high level of know-how in the services it provides. It always aims to satisfy its customers and partners.

Cartridge World Greece SA


Contact Person:

Pollatos Argiris

Cartridge World was founded in 1988 and is growing rapidly with a presence in over 45 countries with 1100 stores. It is the largest printing solutions company in the world. In Greece, Cartridge World Greece started in 2004 and is the exclusive representative of 32 stores throughout Greece.

Cartridge World has compatible inkjet & laser printer consumables of excellent quality, know-how (service and Managed Print Services with lease or provision of various services for the printing needs of each company) and well-trained staff, offering high quality services (ISO 9001 certified and 14001). The company also trades printing paper and printers for various customer categories.

Grivas Ep. Georgios


Contact Person:

Georgios Grivas

Our company is certified as industrial company and its main activities are the collection and transport of sewage and their disposal in a legal, safe and environmentally way.

The company was founded in 2000 with specialized staff and equipment and has got three trucks in various sizes.
For years, our company has been working with professionals of foodservice, collecting waste from stores of health interest with great success.

Laboratory of Administrative Informatics and Quantitative Methods University of West Attica


Contact Person:

Theodoros Xanthopoulos

Laboratory of Geoenvironmental Science and Environmental Quality Assurance, Department of Civil Engineering, University of West Attica

Contact Person:

Dimitris Alexakis

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